Happy International Women’s Day!

Dear women!

Dear women,
Can you sense the change in air?
The change for good?
Cause I can!
Can you smell the distant freedom in it?
Cause well, I can!
Can you feel it while the burden of BEING A WOMAN goes away?
Can you feel it while the burden is replaced by this feeling of content?
My heart feels lighter,
While I can see them leaving their bigotry behind,
I can see them trying to be liberal and give thought to what we think,
I don’t know about the whole world but I can see the world change around me,
I can see it,
Yes, one supporting pair of hands turning two,
I can sense the respect as I move,
I can see it,
Yes, something’s changing for better,
And now,
Dear Women,
Now it’s time for us to realize our responsibilities,
Time to pay your bills and sometimes his too,
Time to be chivalrous without expecting it from them all the time,
Time to be more sensitive towards what we speak when we speak of freedom,
Time to celebrate this “still a little distant” but clearly visible freedom with the chivalrous move of responsibility!
Happy International Women’s day to all the beautiful ladies out there!❤
~ Nicky❤


Self Forgiveness Is Important.

Hey you guys! What’s going on? Everything all right? And I am so sorry about not posting on time. I was a bit distracted and wasn’t sure about how to bring up this topic I have inside my head. Let’s do this. In my last blog post we talked about “self love” and how to implant the seed of self love within yourself. But while I posted that, I was still unsure of the thing that, was I able to cover everything I learnt so far? Obviously it’s next to impossible to put every bit into these limited words but still, my job is to serve you with the best I can. One of my good friends helped me realise what I missed and that’s the topic for today –

Self forgiveness!

So let’s begin, shall we?

First of all, let me tell you what the meaning of self forgiveness is? What the term suggests? These two simple words carry a meaning way too huge to be occupied by a simple definition. There lies a certain serenity in these two words, a peace much needed and cherished.

So, self forgiveness, forgiving yourself, for the thousands of mistakes you did and for the years you have been tying yourself with these chains of guilt, self forgiveness is a freedom you deserve as a human.

While you are trying to find love within yourself, trying to love the person you are, there should be no barrier of the mistakes you did in past that is keeping you from loving yourself utmost. Your mistakes, your guilt shouldn’t be above your will to love yourself, to keep yourself above all the disbeliefs.

You can’t reach nowhere in this chapter of self love while still judging yourself for your past mistakes.

Self love without self forgiveness will be like being stuck on the same page for weeks and months, unable to focus on a book you really want to finish.




Let’s see how this one can be accomplished –

1. Be kind to yourself.

You are a kind human, you help the ones around you, you make them feel better about themselves. Your vibe speaks for you. But what’s the use of this partial kindness when you can’t really be kind towards yourself?

Being kind to yourself is the best way to enrich your soul, to make a move towards self love and self forgiveness.

You don’t always need to be hard on yourself.

Be proud of how far you have come and be confident about the long journey ahead.

Motivate yourself like you motivate the ones with the lost hopes,

Lift yourself up with those kind words you offer to the ones in need,

Smile at the one standing in front of the mirror and tell him often that hey you!

I know you,

I know you can,

I know you will!

2. Prioritize the lessons you learnt, over the guilt you have.

Yes, you have certainly made a lot of mistakes. Yes, we all do. But all you have to do is blur the guilt in the background and focus on the learnings.

Make a fair choice between the guilt of your mistakes and the learnings from them. Choose for better.

Each mistake of yours comes with two sides like a coin tossed in air, it’s you who is tossing the coin and it’s you only who will decide the fate of it, and this time, both sides have something good for you ultimately.

See the lessons in sufferings.

The side of the coin that says you have to suffer, it often always means that you have so much to learn ahead. Are you ready?

Choose wisely. Choose yourself over all the possible things that might drag you from being a whole you, from living and from loving your every bit.

After all, it’s only you who can set YOU free!

3. Do not doubt your decision making capacity.

Just because you had some hard times continuing with the few things you decided for yourself, just because they turned out to be the bad choices you have made, just because the memories they bring back haunted you for longer than you thought, it doesn’t mean you do not know how to make decisions for yourself. That sometimes means the time was wrong, or maybe the situation and the person you chose was wrong, it happens.

Few bad decisions doesn’t make you a failure, what counts as a failure is the inability to continue to trust on your instincts and your choices. That certainly is the worst betrayal you will ever face.

Never give up choosing for yourself. You know yourself the best. Certain wrong choices prove nothing and it doesn’t mean you let someone else monitor your life.

Your life,

You Choose,

You win,

You lose

You learn,

You grow!

The most important thing is standing for your beliefs, that’s it.

4. Often remind yourself of your worth.

Your guilt shouldn’t keep you from tasting various flavors in life. So what the new flavour you tried turned out to be a horrible one this time, it only added to your experience. And what if the fear of not choosing right keeps you from some really great things ahead? That’s life. Unpredictable all the time. It brings unexpected sorrows at times, also the unexpected joys in bundles the other times when you are busy grieving.

Don’t keep yourself from living the best life today, tomorrow and forever.

Leave the burden of past mistakes, the guilt, the regrets behind and remind yourself every day,

Whatever they say,

Whatever they feel,

I know it myself,

I deserve the best,

I deserve to be the best,

I deserve only the best,

I won’t accept nothing less,

I am here cause I was supposed to be,

No life is better than this life and no day is better than today to live and to love myself,

Cause I know now and I know that very well,

I am worth everything,

I am free to make tons of mistakes,

I am free to learn from them,

I am leaving all the guilt behind,

I am ready for the new beginnings!

5. Choose peace.

Finally, over all the battles you fight with the world and with yourself, choose Peace. Choose the stability an Cherish your synchronization with your thoughts.

Don’t rage wars withing yourself for no reasons, Establish peace within.

Leave no room for self pity, guilt, regrets, don’t let them disturb your peace. Meditate. Stop over thinking. Stop living in the past and stop planning for future desperately. Present is all you have and present is quite enough. It’s peaceful here.

Self forgiveness brings this immense peace to your mind, heart and soul.

Okay! Time’s up guys! This is it. This was a little something I thought was important and I missed this part last week,so yeah, I am done. It’s your turn now. Read it full and comment below your experiences and your views on this article. I am waiting.

Hope you enjoyed reading and I will come up with another interesting topic next week. Stay tuned.

Till then, take care!❤

Love yourself enough.

Hey you guys! What’s going on? How’s life? Sorry if these questions sound cliche to you, it’s not like I ask these questions to have something to start a conversation with but I genuinely genuinely want to know how is the life of the one who reads me out going? Are they able to stand to my words or to their own beliefs for that matter? I am keen to solve or at least help you guys to solve your problems some way, whatever I can, that’s that.

I hope you all are living through this life and not just breathing. And me? Well, I live, I always do and I always will.

So dragging in the topic I choose for today. I have personally been adored, hated and what not for the self love I possess. And the love, the hate, anything and everything never literally makes me feel overwhelmed or offended. Because self love to me now, is as natural as the love which fills my heart when I see a smiling toddler. Of course it did take me my time, my own sweet time to be this way, to love myself beyond boundaries, but I am still falling for every shade of me, correcting my mistakes, learning new things about the person inside me and getting inspired by myself. I am still in the phase of making supreme love to the person I am, maybe I am on some stage higher but it’s a lifetime process and that’s what I have learnt so far.

Do you want to love the person inside you too? I know you want to, but let’s just take a moment to see the signs that you currently might not be loving yourself enough. Let’s see how?

  1. You get offended easily. Even with the not-so-harsh words by others.
  2. Opinions of others matter a lot to you and many times you do prioritize their opinions while making some important decisions.
  3. You hesitate to speak your heart out often. ( Cause you deny to accept your inner voice, often considering it’s wrong and not worthy.)
  4. You seek approvals quite intensely. ( You want your work to be approved by others and that feeling is way too huge, you lack love for yourself and the confidence that you are good enough.)
  5. You get demotivated rather quickly than you feel motivated. ( Do I need to say something else?)

Ask yourself these questions and decide it yourself that, Do you really love yourself enough?

Now, let’s move on to how to start loving your own being, how to fall in love with your own existence. I have again kinda sorted this out for our sake to understand. These are not the “Ideal Steps“.

Self love is the process which comes customized for all of us.

But still let’s see how it worked for me, and I hope it works for you too.

1. Explore yourself / Your strengths and weaknesses.

Whenever you are able to take out an hour or two in a day for yourself, do whatever you want ( Except just scrolling through your Instagram feed). Try to be creative, try to give wings to your imagination and let your imagination come out of your mind on paper in living form. Explore yourself. Find your strengths and weaknesses.

Also, A weakness known, can always be turned into strength, always.

Accept what you are weak in and work on it. It helps you know more about yourself, and eventually implant the seeds of self love inside you. It works. Definitely.

2. Make at least one thing special about you.

You do many things, you belong to this generation of multitasking, you know so much and yet so little about a single thing. It’s not worth. There must be your special sector, your personalised area of something you love to do, your passion, your work that is good on professional level.

Being extraordinarily good in something just boosts your confidence to the next level.

Work for it and make it happen, make at least one thing so special about you that when it comes to that sector, at least the people around would no doubt be rushing towards you for help and opinions. And this thing has so much to do with confidence and ultimately, self love. Yes, when people consider you worthy of taking opinions from, that means they trust you, your work and your talent. That simply means you have something to look up to and you are worth. Make this a point to love what you are doing and who you are, even more.

3. Consume good food, good thoughts, good music.

There is so much, both good and bad to consume in this void of internet. Yes, there is so much information, so much content floating out there. We might not always be able to figure out what is good and helpful for us and what isn’t.

Having an internet smart mind in this world of high technology and always upgrading knowledge is such a basic thing.

So basically my point is that we should be smart enough to take what’s good and best for us from this everlasting series of information and knowledge. Think twice before you click to open any random link, think if the tagline is worth investing your time or it just demands your attention for nothing good.

Think twice before you click.

On the other hand, be generous enough to consume what’s good, follow the motivational pages, read often, listen to good music and eat healthy. These minute things should never be taken undervalued, they have such huge impact on our lives. Here is the link of one such page you might just need –


Never underestimate the power of some good quote you randomly read. It can be a game changer at times.

Also, that good consumption has so much to do with the good vibe you feel, the good things that happen to you, the positivity you build, the self love you grow inside you. Consume all the good and see how it helps you to love yourself.

4. Be true to yourself.

This is basic, very basic step which is ignored by 90% of us. Ask yourself, Are you able to speak the truth at least to yourself? Are you strong enough to accept your flaws without hesitation standing in front of a mirror? Tell me, how many of you can actually accept the mistakes you did in the past in front of your ownself?

Well, sometimes being true to yourself, your own feeligs is all the empowerment, all the motivation you need.

Often communicate with yourself. Try seeking opinions from inside, after all you know yourself the best. You know what’s best for you and what is not meant for you. You know right?

Try to be your own expert opinion.

And this is how you will be able to cross the major milestone of self love.

When you are able to listen to your inner voices, be honest to them, you have certainly learnt how to believe your own beliefs.

And where there is trust, there is love, there is respect. So learn to be true to yourself and simultaneously you will expertise in loving yourself.

5. Surround yourself with the dreamers, the doers, the lovers and the enthusiasts.

Yes, you heard me right.

The dreamers because none other than these people are able to show you how to spread your wings when others think you don’t even have wings. They have least to do with what others think, what others do, they have their own world of dreams to look up to, so far from all the negativity in this world. They inspire you to think beyond.

The doers because they work so hard that there is no room for the fear of failures, they believe that their success can’t always run away from their hard work. They work for themselves and not for the world to see. They inspire you to do so much with such Passion.

The lovers because they are the true preserved essence of selflessness. You can learn so much about love and self love from the way they see the world. The way they live and love has such fragrance of purity and empathy. Such love filled hearts, and such strong positive vibes. They inspire you to be good to yourself, to be good to everyone else.

And finally, the enthusiasts because their vibe is so positive and so contagious that you immediately feel so motivated to do everything and all. Around them, you feel there’s nothing that’s impossible for you. They have such strong control over your hormones to make you dance on their rhythms in a very positive and satisfactory way. They inspire you to always be learning and to be on a go and I told you how important it is in the process of self love.

So, that’s that. This is my version of how to start loving yourself the way you wish to be loved by others.

I hope you like it. I hope I met your expectations and was able to give you something to think upon. Tell me in the comments below what do you feel about this article. I will be coming up next week with another interesting step in being a better version of yourself.

Stay tuned. Keep loving yourself.

See you guys. Till then, take care

Believe in yourself.

Hey you guys! How are you doing and how was this Valentine’s day for you by the way? I am doing well, amazing for that matter and I am here to feed your mind something I consume and celebrate a lot since long. But, tell me first, how’s life? Did you practically adapt any of these steps? If you did. Well, that’s great, it makes me happy and so proud.

Moving on to the topic I chose to talk about today which says,

Believe in yourself.

No! Don’t you dare think that there’s nothing to talk about in this topic, that you already do know what it is to believe in yourself, that it is the most natural thing for all of us, cause shut up! It’s not. You might think now that you already believe in yourself more than anyone, okay that might be true, but do you believe in yourself enough? Cause if you did, if it was the truth, then you probably won’t be facing any difficulties, any hesitations to try new things, to accept challenges right away when they show up out of nowhere, to begin something you wanted for a long time and to end something that you know, ain’t good for you. I guess now you understand what am I talking about. And as simple as this thing sounds, it’s difficult to understand and practice. Let’s see how it is supposed to be done.

Let me first clear you one thing that this is not something manipulative or some mathematics to learn step by step, every step decided, lined after other. No it’s not. This is some real life science and it needs practicals than theory. But I have sorted this out for our sake to understand this science of life better. Let’s begin.

1. Push your limits

Always, always be that energetic person ready to walk an extra mile for the sake of learning when you know that it’s gonna be difficult, also understand this,

Your will can be stronger than any difficulty that tends to decide your limits. Limits are to push further. To reach further heights and depths. To climb mountains and to explore those dark caves.

Push your limits a little more every time you are working for something. This is how it works. So, Are we gonna do this?

2. Never hesitate to learn/try new things.

Everyone is comfortable in their familiar places, doing the same things they are pretty good at, frequently, but what happens when something comes up as a whole new experience for them? It’s human nature to deny the change at first, to show our backs to the new somethings, unless you aren’t a too evolved species. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN.

Be open to new adventures, new beginnings. Allow them to be your bridge towards new opportunities.

Never stop learning and never think that you can’t even before trying. You are just afraid of the new possibilities, of the failures which can either turn out to be learnings or success any time soon.

So, where is the loss?

3. Make mistakes.

Yes. Allow me to tell you the silliest thing you might read today. Make mistakes. A lot of them. Be a trouble maker for yourself sometimes. They would laugh, let them. They would throw those pitiful eyes on you, trust me, let them. You just be confident about making a lot of mistakes and gradually learning from them.

No article, no manual, no video about improvement can teach you what you learn automatically when you fail. Mistakes are the best professors if we are those wise students.

So basically, make a bunch of mistakes everyday and see what actually works for you. Grow from your mistakes.


4. Develop an unbeatable confidence.

Now, the points I mentioned earlier are definitely gonna make this one a lot easier for you. Pushing your limits, learning new things, making a lot of mistakes can actually be a baseline for your unbeatable confidence.

Confidence that you know a lot of things and that you are keen to know a lot more. The pride of knowledge and the politeness of learners.

The humble confidence is what you may call THE UNBEATABLE one.

You may look confident enough to speak your heart and mind out and polite enough to accept what you are still learning, outspoken and easily approachable. This confidence not only boosts you, it also makes you stand out by your kind ways to uplift the ones around you. Work for this confidence. The humble one.

5. Believe that you can.

Always believe that you can. Make this belief strong every passing day, work for this belief.

Ask yourself if in doubt, Am I ready? And believe yourself enough the the answer is YES if this particular thing promises you your growth.

You can. You always can. Remember the time when you thought you won’t be able to clear those exams or you won’t be able to meet deadlines and complete your assignments and pending projects? But you worked for them and worked things out, cause you unconsciously believed that YOU CAN. You pushed your limits, you grew from your mistakes and you did what once looked impossible even to your eyes.

What other proof do you need?

And if you won’t believe in yourself and your dreams, then who will?

Don’t let the clouds of doubts suppress your confidence on your dreams and yourself. You are the sun, greater than any clouds.



Okay! So that’s it from my side on this topic you thought was simple. Now you understand exactly what I was talking about in the beginning. Now you understand what it means to believe in yourself in truest sense.

I hope you like it, you enjoyed reading it and you ate all of what I served on your plates. Do let me know in comments below what you feel about it, how it helped you or what should I be writing upon next. Also, stay tuned cause I have much more to tell you guys.

See you soon!

Till the next time, take care❤

Beat your procrastination.

Hey guys! How’s ya all doing? I hope you are all fab and I am here again to help you be fabulous anyway. So our journey towards a better YOU is four ladders and one month long now. Yay! This is crazy and one whole month is pretty long span for us to soak these four steps we were discussing about earlier. So show me your respective report cards now. Did you progress a little? How’s the practice going? I wish that you are at least one percent better person, a better you today than the first day we met virtually. And I know it’s true and it makes me feel so happy and worth.

Now coming to the fifth step in this journey which speaks about,

Beating your procrastination!

So what’s procrastination first of all?

Well, in simple terms procrastination is the constant nagging feeling which keeps you from getting things done.

Procrastination is just being lazy in fancy terms, delaying the important stuff that’s all. This feeling is an everyday thing for all of us to be honest, from the resistance we feel in getting up early in the morning to cancelling important meetings to just lay in bed, we do a lot of things to prove this term. And this definitely hampers our growth up to a great extent. This is the reason this topic is here.

Your growth is possible only when you defeat the enemy inside you called PROCRASTINATION.

As I said, this is a very common feeling and I too am in the process of coping with my own laziness.

So considering the fact that you have practiced earlier four steps sincerely I am moving forward to how actually to beat your procrastination step by step. Let’s go.

1. Maintain a To-do-list everyday.

Now, as cliche as it sounds, it is that important too. Even I have begun this earlier this year and have met a really good results. You can be more productive and organised just by maintaining a little diary telling you what to do every single day.

And also, once you have list of random things you have to do in a specific day ready, you just have to make sure that they get done and it helps a lot in time management. Since no time is being invested in thinking what to do when you have spare time (cause you already know that) the chances of wasting your time are minimal.

Do these following things to actually follow this step –

  1. Maintain a little diary. A pocket diary maybe.
  2. Spare 10 minutes of your morning to figure out what things you have to get done all day long.
  3. Note them down.
  4. Keep track of the things in the list, things you already did and those you are still to do.

2. Try to do maximum things in your list.

While maintaining the list make sure your procrastination won’t beat you after coming so far. Try to do as much things as possible. Suppose you have made a list of 7 things, in the very beginning try to do at least 5 or 6 of them. Doing all 7 is a win win situation. This is how you will be able to defeat your procrastination day after day, with every passing day your WILL will be stronger than that feeling of getting things delayed.

Also, forgive yourself if you are unable to tick all the things you wished to get done in that day. Circumstances happen,

And it’s okay to relax a bit when you know you are trying hard enough. It only doubles your speed. Forgive yourself. Be proud of yourself.

3. Make this an everyday practice.

Now, once you started to maintain a diary, once you started to make lists for every day, once you gave in to doing maximum things, make this a practice.

Even when some days when you get up late, forgot totally to make a list, don’t just quit doing it. Don’t break the practice. Make sure you do it whenever you have time and follow the rules you have made for yourself.

There are no rules greater than the ones you make for yourself. They surely bring you success. They are the cages that set you free in the horizon of success.

Soak this in and start getting things done.

Also, being confused is a part of life, being confused about what to do and what not to, where to reach? when to leave? Too much confusion which can literally make you over think and do nothing. Chaos should not occupy major part than the one allotted which is very little to be honest.

Don’t let too much chaos engulf your productivity.

So, we are getting things done right? *High-five*. And my champions, you are all ready and well equipped to beat your procrastination. That’s all I can do to help you through this while I am still working on myself right now.

Okay! I am done and now it’s your turn to put my words in Your actions. We are in this together and as I say, I have got you.

Let me know in the comments below about your experiences, your own journeys and of course, your valuable feedback are always welcome. Also, I am very eager to see you be better and better.

Stay tuned. More on the way.

I hope you have had a great time reading and working on yourself.

See you guys soon!❤

Accept Your Flaws.

Hello guys! First of all I want to apologize to you all for not posting on time. I was a little busy and didn’t want to post some random stuff, so took extra time for the good content. I hope you guys are doing well and good. And Hey! Have you practiced what I told you in my last blog posts? Have you started cherishing your lone time? Started discovering yourself yet? If not, What are you guys waiting for? I hope you are practicing things which are good for you. BEST OF LUCK FOR THAT!

Now coming straight to today’s topic tittled, Accept your flaws.

Okay, So we are all fully aware of how flawed our own species Humans is. No one is perfect and Thank God for that!

Basically what I think is PERFECT Is A Sweet Myth! Everyone has different perspectives and the definition of perfect varies accordingly.

And what I am trying to suggest from today’s topic is just accept the fact that,

You are flawed like everyone else is, flawed in your own ways.

Now ACCEPTANCE is not an easy thing to practice. This is not something that comes naturally to many people. People mostly get offended if acknowledged about their flaws by others.

Accepting your flaws is a stepping stone towards being an absolutely stunning human being!

Yeah! That’s true. Once you accept what you lack, you can either work on it if possible or you can just be happy with it. It makes things simple.

So basically, flaws can be of different types. According to me there’s only one category which is Behavioural flaws. The flaws you consider in your body, the looks related ones aren’t actually flaws darling! They are the variations god has created you with. The ones that make you unique. So let’s not consider them flaws at first place. But acceptance about the way you look must also be included under this topic and we shall be discussing about that too.

Wondering how to be a pro in accepting your flaws? Well I am here to tell you that only.

We are gonna learn that step by step so that it will be convenient for you to practice. Let’s see.


This is the thing I personally apply on myself. I know I am flawed and over time I have mastered the art of accepting my flaws (leading to my mistakes) right away and working on them immediately and consistently. What you can do as a beginner is –

  • Pay attention to your inappropriate behaviour.
  • Do self examination often.
  • Make it a point to go through your day at night before sleeping to recollect how you behaved.
  • Value it when someone tries to tell you about what mistakes you did.
  • Observe which inappropriate behaviour of yours is frequent and is almost a part of your nature.


Identify your mistakes that repeat frequently. Identify when you behave in a certain way which is wrong, very unapologetically. Identify which pattern in your behaviour is hurtful to the people around you. Identify what harmful routine you follow. Identify if you overthink, overeat or oversleep. Identify which negative thought processes you often involve yourself into. Identify if you are insecure about the way you look. Identify if confronting people makes you anxious.

Once you observe yourself, it’s easy to identify the details given above. So just give into it right now.


Accept that you are allowed to make mistakes and you can be wrong. You are supposed to commit mistakes, that’s natural. You are flawed, so am I, so is everyone else. Do not get offended by your flaws, they are the part of your personality, NOT YOUR ENTIRE PERSONALITY.

Your flaws make you, YOU along with your strengths. They remind you of the areas within you which still need some work done, the deep possibility of improvement. Accept. Grow.

And in case of your appearance, acceptance is the only way to cope with all the insecurities you are feeding yourself with. It’s easy to say but hard to apply and I am aware of it very well. But that’s the only way you can get rid of all the demons haunting you for ages for the way you appear in front of the mirror. Your mirror is within you, the beauty that resides deep, deeper than all the layers of skin and away from all the complexions and facial features. ACCEPT.

Acceptance of your flaws and the way you look is the baseline of your growth.

Remember, once you accept your flaws, the way you look, the way you are, you are free from all the offensive cages of being perfect. Free to commit mistakes and learn from them.

Once you accept your flaws, you are free to fall, to feel and to fly. Free to grow high and deep.

ACCEPTANCE OF YOUR FLAWS BOOSTS YOUR CONFIDENCE TO ANOTHER LEVEL. You will come across people in more appealing way along with your flaws.

Be confident to accept your flaws and then your flaws will make you feel confident!

So, here’s all about this. I hope you guys acknowledged what I tried to impose and I hope you will be able to adapt these words practically too.

Do let me know what are your opinions about this in comments below. Share your experiences as well. I am here to help. Your feedbacks are precious.

Thank you for reading me. Coming to you next week with another interesting topic and your next ladder to being a better version of yourself. Stay tuned. Stay blessed.

Have a great day ahead!❤

Cherish your lone time!

Hey there beautiful people! Another bright day, Tuesday to be precise and I am here again, a little late, but yeah, I am glad I made it here. Well, How’s ya all doing first of all? Did something exciting happen? I hope you all are doing great and I am good too.

Well, Did you notice some improvements? Did you practice the prior two steps we discussed about? I so wish you did and I can’t wait to see you guys blooming. If you aren’t aware of the prior steps I am talking about you can click on the links below so we can proceed further –

Now that you are prepared I will jump directly on the third step and today’s topic that is –

Cherish your lone time!

Now What does the tittle depicts? It says something about cherishing the time when you are alone right? Again, I said ALONE not LONELY and there’s a huge difference between these two words. To be precise,

Alone is the state of solitude, when person is all by himself and satisfied that way. While lonely is the state where person feels abandoned by people around and is internally sad.

Now you can differentiate easily. So coming back to the topic, it speaks about the importance of being alone in your process of being better. How? Let’s see.

Nowadays everyone is living a hectic life, a scheduled life, so much to do, so much deadlines to meet, such little time. And hardly any time for your own, especially when you are an adult, in your twenties. You are never really alone, might be lonely, but never alone. Always surrounded by bunch of people, colleagues, friends, family and ironically, everyone too busy in meeting their own deadlines. Result, communication gap, you become weak at expressing yourself leading to poor self confidence. Also, this creates a deep feeling of loneliness inside people.

And when you finally get sometime alone, well, it’s reserved for the ones you love, which is again essential. In this chaos, who do you think you are missing out? Work? Family? Friends?

No, It’s you!

You have absolutely no time to look after yourself, to look into yourself, your health, your hobbies, your mental peace and stability.

Ironically this lifestyle we cherish doesn’t even allow us the luxury of being ourselves, to feel ourselves.

And that’s what my point is, TO BE A BETTER INDIVIDUAL, IT’S IMPORTANT TO WORK ON YOURSELF. And that needs time, you have to be alone, all on your own, to learn things about yourself. So buckle up, let’s get into how to master this step. And here’s how –


Now this can be a little tricky thing to do and might just need some extra efforts by you, for you. Think about your schedule and Reschedule your routine in a way that helps you give at least an hour to yourself, more time is appreciated definitely. You can either wake up early or consider sleeping late or adjust the schedule in between, whatever suits you, your decision totally.

If you can cross oceans for others, your work and family, you should definitely be willing to walk an extra mile for yourself. Am I making sense?


And by this I mean be completely and unapologetically you in that time. Listen to good music, nourish your soul, enrich your thoughts reading good books, try your hand in painting, sketching and whatever you think you are not good at, learn how to play an instrument, a new language maybe or just gaze the stars at night like I do. Basically, do whatever you want and be you.

Lend yourself time you deserve to grow. Discover yourself. Paint your canvas with the shades inside you.


Now this is definitely not something you will do for like two or three days and then forget. You will have to practice spending time alone. It can be little difficult in starting, it always is and you know that by now. You might not be able to figure out things to do, might not be able to free your time at first. But hey! You have to do it, you need to discover yourself. Pay attention to minute details of yours and make the most of this reserved time every single day. Eventually you will crave for this time, you will be so habitual of being you that being alone won’t be a burden but your little paradise. And plus, it helps you grow, helps you be a better version of yourself like I said.

Did you get that? Did you like the concept at first? I know you might have heard this many times but then this is the time to finally do it.

Let me know how you like this blog post in comments below. I hope I helped you someway. Stay blessed. And stay tuned while I am working on your next steps towards a better you!

Until the next time… Take care❤